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Tenuta Venterra - produzione olio extra vergine di oliva
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Why choose our olive oil?

Why choose our olive oil?
The quality of our oil depends on the various production processes. It is thanks to the attention placed during all the processing stages that our extra virgin olive oil is so good.

The oil is extracted only from Italian olives cultivated with biological criteria within the estate, on ventilated slopes in an area in the heart of the Mediterranean, of which they retain their aromas, flavors and freshness.

The harvest takes place in the months of October and November, with delicate methods that do not alter the integrity and the qualities. The transport and the milling take place in the same day, thus maintaining the natural freshness.

The extra virgin olive oil is good and is healthy.
The science of nutrition recognizes it as the most balanced composition of fatty, saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids for nutritional and dietary purposes.