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Tenuta Venterra - produzione olio extra vergine di oliva

Our estate

A seal Venterra owned company dedicated to valued production of high quality olive oil extra virgin olive exclusively.
In Puglia, in the heart of the peninsula of Taranto, with passion and energy each variety à of olives are pampered to fully express their é characteristics of shape, color and flavor.

The estate covers a altitude of 220-240 meters above sea level, on 120 hectares of which laid out at 87 with olive trees and other planting and 3 developing vineyard. Find home à variety of native plants such as Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina, Pecholine and Peranzana and Ogliarola. A fascinating place, where different flavors and integrated in a biological environment that is distinguished by particular purity of air and the quality of air and water irrigation.

Crusher was conceived with ecological criteria and adopt a fully integrated and automated process. The milling, at various stages, è controlled so as to achieve a continuous cold mechanical system. The structure of oil mill, è completely self-sufficient thanks to an adjacent photovoltaic grid 100 KW/h, which takes advantage of direct energy of sunlight, without producing C02 emissions. The olives are harvested in October and November, with gentle methods that do not modify and quality integrit. Transport and milling takes place on the same day, keeping cos ì the natural freshness. To facilitate conservation, underground 3-5 è Crusher meters compared to ground level. The lower level includes the supply of machines for the processing of olives and the premises for the storage of oil and, upstairs, a space dedicated to direct sales.