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CRU-312 - Picholine - Monovarietale Biological Oil

CRU-312 - Picholine - Monovarietale Biological Oil

Yellow colour with Golden reflections and a fruity aroma of fresh scents of average intensity green lawn, artichokes and oregano. On the palate, notes of apricot contrast with spicy and bitter sensations of medium intensity. Perfectly balanced to the taste, the kitchen is ideal for dishes with intense flavours.
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In south-west Puglia, on the Jonic slope of the Salentine peninsula


Cru#312 is made in limited quantities from olives of the variety Picholine. The colour is yellow with golden reflections. It will leave medium intensity green and fruity fragrances with touches of grass, artichokes and oregano. After tasting, sweet touches of apricot meet bitter and spicy balanced fragrant sensations. Ideal in combination with vegetable soups, white meat and fresh cheese


Dark glass bottle with drip inside: 0,25 l - 0,50 l

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0,10 L / /
0,25 L bottle /
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Product: CRU-312 - Picholine - Monovarietale Biological Oil